Sekai No Yamachan Akihabara Showa Doori

Fried Chicken wings! The best companion to a mug of ice cold beer. Fried chicken wings is almost like an essential item in all pubs or decent drinking places. The first time I was introduced to Yamachan, I was in Bangkok and my oh my it is sure addictive.


I never thought I had the chance to try Yamachan in it’s homeland so when my colleagues suggested Yamachan for dinner, my eyes literally lit up. Originally from Nagoya, Yamachan is an Izakaya restaurant that feeds loads of office crowd relaxing with a couple of beers after work.


As with most Izakaya, the restaurants is quite small with tight tables aiming to squeeze in as many customers as possible.


There are small booth seats as well as private room seating for bigger groups. You will have to remove your shoes for the private rooms.


The kitchen is open concept in Yamachan so expect to smell greasy after your meal as you witness your chef grilling and frying.


This is a table space that accomodates up to 6 persons.


The menu serves almost anything you wish to eat from Japan. The quality is generally passable but cannot be compared to specialist restaurants. The main idea of any Izakaya is having a good drink more than good food.


One of my favourite dish on the menu is this Tako Wasabi which has raw Octopus mixed with light wasabi soy sauce. The Octopus is sweet and crunchy while the wasabi gives a strong kick

This matcha fried rice is quite a disappointment as I could not taste the green tea at all.


The fried potato croquette is quite well done with smooth and creamy mash.


The spicy fried noodles tasted a little like spaghetti aglio alio with beans sprouts and chilli.


The kimchi nabe is very comforting when you are drinking but the quality is very average.

The miso battered pork skewers was also quite mediocre.


The star of the meal is definitely the chicken wings.The wings here at Yamachan has a distinctive heavy pepper and salt taste with the chicken fried to ultimate dryness. Somehow even though the meat is very dry, the seasoning just makes you reach out for the 2nd and 3rd piece. At the back of my mind, I probably know that the wings are heavily ladened with MSG and my throat will be in pain the next day, but it is definitely not possible to stop at just one.

Address: Japan, 〒101-0032 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Iwamotochō, 3 Chome−10−7 東自機ビル

Operating hours: 5 pm to 12.15 am

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