Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

I was lucky to have the opportunity to stay at one of the newest Marriott hotels in Bangkok. Opened in 2017, it is located right next to the Queen’s Park which is right by the Phrom Phong BTS station. There are 2 ways to reach the hotel, by foot from the BTS station, you can walk right across the park to the back door of the hotel in 8 mins. The other way is to arrive by car via the Sukhumvit main entrance.


The entire building is very grand and there are ever so ready friendly smiles to open the doors to you at the main entrance. There is a lot of copper and gold decor used in the main entrance and lobby itself.


Once you walk through the main doors, the grand chandeliers will definitely catch your attention. The high ceilings with exquisite golden pillars and lavish velvet furnishings of the lobby reminds you slightly of a palace. The lobby is huge with tonnes of arm chairs and lounge chairs for meetings or simply coffee.


The check in counters are very modern and styled as separate counters where each guest is served individually by a staff. Throughout level one, you can see the same gold and reflective treatment to elude the luxury element. The check in experience itself is pleasant with the staff full of smiles and ready to offer assistance. My only complain was my room was not ready while others had their rooms and I could only get my room card in the afternoon. Ideally groups arriving together should get their rooms together.


The rooms are brightly lit and of a good size. The beds are a standard queen size and there is a working and lounging area. The thing that made me uncomfortable was that each room has some sort of huge vase which to me is just waiting for an accident to happen. Generally, there is 2 different wings of rooms. The one to the right of the concierge is slightly older while the rooms on the left side lift is more updated.


There is a see through panel where you can see the TV from the shower room. You can also lower the blinds to have more privacy. The toilet is cleaned and well stocked.


The breakfast buffet is the BEST i had in the entire Bangkok. The number of stations offering different kinds of food is just so over whelming. I stayed in the restaurant for a total of 2.5 hours just to visit all the stations. First, there is a bagel station where you can get your fresh bagel with your customised toppings just like in New York. There is the usual fruits and fruits juice stations, cereal stations and the interesting station was a fresh milk shake station where they will make the milkshake according to your preference.

Some of the other stations include : Dim Sum station, American, Thai roadside noodles, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese stations.


There are many seats in the restaurant however it can get very packed during the peak hours of 9am – 11am .


I had lunch in one of the restaurant selling handmade soba. I had my first bite and it tasted extraordinarily. The price is higher than other places outside the hotel but we had no choice due to lack of time so we settled for the restaurant.

According to my Japan crazy ex-colleague, he says the way the soba is cooked is very legit and this is how some of the old restaurants in Japan selling soba sells them. The broth is so light and not salty but yet not bland at the same time. The noodle is chewy and of a great structure. If you have spare money, you can try this.

Rooms start from: SGD 159

Address: 199 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Klong Ton, Klong Toey Klong Toey Bangkok, 10, 10110, Thailand

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