Poulet French Bistro

Everyone likes a good roast chicken during family gatherings and festive season. Poulet introduced French roast chicken to Singapore in 2012 and unlike the Singapore version of the roast chicken which is usually dry without any gravy, the Poulet French chicken comes with a unique cream sauce.


The outlet at Vivocity has an open al fresco concept where you can watch the shoppers walk past while you feast on your meal. This setting will be perfect in Europe where you dine next to a park or garden.


The restaurant is huge with ample dining space for at least 60 to 70 persons. Most of their tables are movable to allow them to cater to big crowds. You can see various small Eiffel towers around the restaurant and the park light stands really brings out the strong European flavour.


Their menu used to feature the Eiffel tower but has since changed to feature their signature French roast chicken.


To ensure faster service, orders are also taken via the Ipad connected to each table


One of their signature soup is the mushroom soup which is made from creamy wild mushrooms and served with freshly baked croutons. The soup is creamy but not overly thick and the mushroom taste is very strong and flavourful with a deep milk cream after taste. At SGD 5.90, the servings is pretty small in my opinion.


The next is the mashed potato at SGD 5.90 and the truffle mashed potato at SGD 6.90. As for all mashed potatoes I have tasted in many French restaurants and bistros, this is equally smooth and creamy. The one with truffle oil has an added layer of truffle fragrance added on to compliment the smooth milky mashed potato


This is something new on the menu which is buttermilk fried chicken with truffle mayo sauce. The chicken comes in a very crispy outer skin but I found the meat slightly dry. The platter is very affordable at SGD 13.90 so while the meat is slightly dry, there is no major complain.


This next menu is the tender pork cheek at SGD 18.90 which comes with sautéed cabbage, bacon, pickled apple and creamy mash. The pork cheek slices came with huge slabs of crunchy fats. While the fats were not oily to the bite, I would have appreciated the dish better if the cheeks were braised for a longer period so that the fats would melt in my mouth. In this case, I had to chomp down the fats while worrying about my blood pressure.


Finally for the main star of the restaurant which is the roast chicken. They sell the whole chicken at SGD 30.90 and the half chicken at SGD 16.90. There are also 3 types of sauces for you to choose; the cranberry which is made from cranberry sauce mixed with dijon mustard, mushroom chardonnay which is made with button mushroom and diane which is brown sauce cooked with mushroom and bacon. I love the mushroom chardonnay sauce as it taste like the mushroom soup and has a light creamy texture which is not too salty paired with the chicken. The skin of the chicken is roasted to a perfect brown and the meat is still juicy and tender. My only complain was that the meat was very bland and without the sauce, the meat was tasteless. I remember the chicken tasting better when Poulet first launched in Singapore so it was a disappointment when the standards dropped.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-175/176/177, 098585

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm


Author: elizbeartravel

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