Karmakamet Diner Bangkok

The land of smile is known for shopping, massages, great food and snacks and night markets. In the recent years, café hopping has become one of the most popular thing amongst the local. Many of these cafes are designed with a theme and most of them are decorated in ways that looks great for Instagram. One of such café is the Karmakamet Diner.


Located in a discreet alley just behind The Emporium mall, the Karmakamet diner started in 2013. When you walk along the alley to the right of The Emporium ( when you are facing Emporium) , you will see this sign that points you to the diner. You will totally feel like you are entering a secret world. 

Photo Credit: Karmakamet website

Originally, the Karmakamet brand is an aromatherapy and essential oil retailer and started to diversify into the F&B business with the opening of Karmakamet diner. Within the diner, you can find a aromatherapy and essentials oil shop selling all the fragrance by the brand.

Photo Credit: Karmakamet website

The rest of the diner is decorated in industrial retro style with rustic metal shelves lined with fragrance bottles and rustic wood cabinets containing different spices and ingredients for fragrance making. You can smell different fragrance throughout the diner.

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You can also see traditional rustic items like gunny snacks used in transporting spices, wooden crates and chests carrying fragrance and bottles in the olden times. Every corner of the diner is filled with character and makes for a great Instagram pictures.


The tables are all placed next to the windows with lots of natural lighting while the rest of the diner is lighted with warm orange industrial drop lights to create a cosy mystic environment.


As an avocado fan, I ordered the crab and avocado sandwich. The sandwich priced at THB 420 comes with crab meat, avocado, spicy truffle mayonnaise, rocket leave, hard-boiled egg, tomato confit and carbon bread.  The sauce paired with the crab and avocado was very refreshing but I found the bread too dry which was the only downside of the dish.


The crabby patty egg benedict had perfectly poached eggs and extremely moist crab cakes at THB 290. The hollandaise sauce is quite special as it comes with a light saffron flavour. The smoked salmon and mushroom florentine added on a great savoury taste to the dish.


We had the crab balls that were fried to the right crisp with perfectly juicy crab meat within each balls. This is a nice snack to go with beer.


This next dish of fried fish with tomato mussels is done well but does not strike a strong impression.


This next dish has a very interesting combination which is buttermilk pancake with duck confit, pan seared foie gras, crisp bacon, poached egg and sautéed potatoes. In short, this is a dish with everyone’s favourites.  The dish is called A can’t resist pancake priced at THB 790 and yes such an adept name. Nobody can resist a pancake with so much toppings. The duck confit is nicely fried to golden crispiness and the seared foie gras adds an elevated level to the dish. I would say this dish is a must order.


One of the must order desserts of the café is this Strawberry in the clouds priced at THB 390. It is made with strawberry shortcake stacked with walnut crumbles, strawberry ice cream and amaretto cream and finally enveloped in a huge rainbow cotton candy. The dessert is too pretty to eat but it is also very messy to eat. After all pictures taking, you will realise that the cotton candy has started to condense from the heat in the atmosphere and the sugar will start to drip. By the time, you reach the shortcakes, you will end up with sticky utensils and hands. There were many tables around me that ordered this purely for photo taking and once that is done, they dispose the entire cotton candy and just ate the shortcakes and ice cream.

Overall, if you intend to cafe hop in Bangkok. you must definately visit the Kamrmakamet Diner.

Address: 30/1 Sukhumvit Rd. Soi Methi Niwet Khlong Tan Khlong Toei Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Operating hours: 10.00 am to 11.30 pm

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