Brasserie Les Saveurs High Tea Review

St Regis is known globally as an embodiment of six star service for both their accommodation as well as food and beverage establishments. When the St Regis first opened in Singapore in 2008, it quickly took over as the new play ground for the rich and famous to hang out and have tea. As Singaporean become more affluent and more willing to spend on a lavish meal, St Regis became a popular dining venue for that special occasion. Brasserie Les Saveurs is one of the many restaurants in St Regis Singapore that serves French cuisine. One of the most popular item for this restaurant is their Sunday Champagne brunch and you have to call and book well in advance.


The restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel, directly in front of the main entrance. The restaurant is illuminated by their floor to ceiling glass windows overseeing the hotel’s internal garden and pool. 3 huge crystal chandeliers, opulent velvet chairs and grandiose floral arrangements exudes a sense of exquisite elegance. You can easily mistake the restaurant as a drawing-room in an old French castle.


There is approximately 20 – 30 sets of seating areas and 4 of such private booth areas, each equally comfortable and spacious. Spending a day here is easily one of the most decadent experience. You can request for a specific table or seating during your call and the staff will do their best to accommodate your requests.



The sunday champagne brunch is a half self service half a la carte order buffet. There are a few areas where it is self-service. The seafood on ice area has cold prawns, lobsters, yabbies’, clams, scallops, mussels, snow crab and crab. The attention to detail is amazing with tiny individual bottles of tabasco sauce, lemon slices, thousand island sauce and Italian sauce.


Just next to the seafood on ice bed is an entire bowl of fresh plump oysters which are constantly emptied and refilled promptly.


There is also a sashimi bed full of fresh and juicy salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellow tail and octopus sashimi. There are also a selection of gungan sushi and maki for the sushi rice lovers.


The centre area is the salad area with premium smoked salmon, tuna, various types of greens and even breads.


There are also some exquisite looking salad like this crab meat salad.


Another area features an entire range of smoked meats and salamis as well as meat pate.


There is also another live cooking station that serves pan-fried foie gras


My favourite being seafood, you can tell the freshness and quality of the seafood on my plate. Just feasting on this alone can be so filling. The meat of the seafood is so succulent.


My next absolute favourite is to feast on premium parma ham with sweet rock honey melon.

20150412_133512 This is the serving size of the foie gras served at the cooking station. If you are lazy to walk to the station, you can even just ask one of the servers to bring you a serving. To save space in your stomach, you can request for only the foie gras without the potato cake below it. The perfection of the cooking and quaity of the foie gras is beyond description.


If you think the self-service stations are enough, brace your stomach as the servers will also be going around the restaurant at different timing to serve you hot appetizers from the kitchen like this steamed egg with black truffle.


Or this beet root risotto with mint cream sauce.


Feeling full already? There is more to come. Each person is allowed to order 1 main course with their brunch. This is a smoked duck dish that I ordered with is infused with strong flavours but so tender to the bite


We also had the mushroom risotto which is done al dente style but is cooked till creamy and combined with the truffle sauce


The lamb chop with mint sauce is wonderfully cooked to medium done and there is no strong mutton taste to it. It is seared to perfect crust with a juicy centre.


The seared king prawn is well fried with the meat still juicy and springy.

Seriously at this point, my stomach is about to burst and there is still dessert to go. I absolutely forgotten to take photo of the dessert station as I was dragging my stomach around. The dessert station has fresh fruits, ice cream, various cakes, tarts as well as French and Italian desserts like crème brule and cheese platter with crackers.

This is a restaurant I totally recommend for any special occasions due to the beautiful environment and it is important to visit with an empty stomach to taste everything they have to offer.

Sundays Brunch | 12noon to 3pm

Complimentary hour of apéritifs:
11am to 12noon at Astor Bar

$395.00++ per person with complimentary flow of Krug Grand Cuvée NV, wines, Tiger beer, soft drinks, juices and freshly brewed coffee and tea

$195.00++ per person with complimentary flow of ‘R’ de Ruinart Brut NV, wines, Tiger beer, soft drinks, juices and freshly brewed coffee and tea

$180.00++ per person with complimentary flow of wines, Tiger beer, soft drinks, juices and freshly brewed coffee and tea

$148.00++ per person with complimentary flow of freshly brewed coffee and tea

$75.00++ per child (4 – 12 years old)

Address: 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911

Call to book : 6506 6888




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