Top 10 things to buy from Bangkok ( BIG C)

There are so many review and blogs about what and where to eat in Bangkok but not enough about what to buy. As we all know, Bangkok is a shopping heaven for both fashion as well as food products. Personally, one of my favourite place to shop is BIG C super market and the outlet I always visit is the Big C Supercenter located just opposite Central World. The main reason why I love this outlet is because they close only at 2.00 am which is perfect to be the last stop after dinner and massage. This list is my personal top 10 which I will always buy whenever I am in Bangkok.

  1. 3-in-1 Abalone Instant Porridge


There are plenty 3-in-1 instant noodles and porridge in BIG C and many of these are quite common even in our own local supermarket. I chanced upon this abalone porridge at one of the less popular corner of the packet noodles aisle. The porridge is very tasty and most importantly very smooth. This is a much better choice than the ones we have locally. This is one of the item I always bring with me on my 3 weeks long travels to save on meals as well as get a taste of home. Recently, they introduced the same instant porridge in packet form which is far easier to carry around for any backpacking trips. The only thing you need will be collapsible bowls. Pack of 3 in the cup form is priced at THB 48 while the packet ones are priced at THB 43

2. 3-in-1 Instant Thai Tea Mix


Fancy a cup Thai milk tea Cha Yan at home? Now you can with this instant tea mix. For those who like the Thai tea from the famous 1st Thai tea outlet, this instant tea uses the same brand of tea leaves and the portion of sugar and milk is the perfect combination. I have tried many other brands from the supermarket and this is the only one which taste exactly the same as the ones sold at the 1st Thai tea stall. They have 2 versions of the tea, one is packed into individual sachet and another is sold in 500g packets. The tea is approximately THB 40-50 for 1 packet (5 individual sachets) as per above picture.

3. Bean Vermicelli

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Every Singaporean loves a good steamboat and bean vermicelli is one of the best item to include in steamboat as the last item to soak up the goodness of the soup. Vermicelli is also used in multiple traditional Chinese dishes like braised vegetarian dish and fried cucumber and many more. The china brand ones break and mush up very easily when cooked but this Thai branded one is perfect for cooking as it remains in tact even after hours of cooking and soaks up all gravy goodness. Most importantly, they come in small pack 40g sizes like this which is very convenient to use. A pack of 10 ( individual pack of 40g) is priced at THB 112.

4. Snake Brand Shower Gel


Every day is summer day in Singapore and this is the same in Thailand so they came up with some of the best products to help us manage the weather. These products are extremely useful in the hottest months of June, July and August. Many of us are very familiar with the snake brand powder where most of our grandparents or parents would have used after their shower. As I sleep without air conditioning, this shower gel is a saviour for those hot and humid nights. When lathering with the shower gel, leave it on for a few minutes before washing off and you will immediately feel the cool blast. The coolness last for about 30 mins and last longer if you stay in front of the fan. I have tried many brands of menthol shower gel but this snake brand one priced at THB 165 for 500 ml is the only effective one.

5. Snake Brand Cooling Body Spray


This next item belongs to the same snake brand and is very useful to carry around in your bag for those hot afternoon. The spray has a slight menthol powdery smell just like the powder form and the cooling effect lasts about 30 to 45mins. The effects last longer if you are in any air – conditioning. This product is very popular even in Bangkok and is constantly out of stock. You might have a better luck searching for them at Boots pharmacy outlets or even other supermarkets. 1 bottle cost about THB 150 and I have also seen them introducing body wipes which I have not tried.

6. Colgate Toothpaste


Toothpaste is a very personal item and some people love it minty and frothy and some people love it for the mild taste. I discovered that the Colgate in Thailand has salt in their toothpaste and I have been religiously buying them home. They have many different versions of the salt toothpaste and some of them being salt charcoal, salt lemon, salt mint, salt herbal and salt whitening. The effects of the toothpaste is the same as the regular ones but the only difference is that the toothpaste has an added salty taste to it. I like that salt on its own has known properties like whitening teeth, removing plaque and it is healthy for the gums. A pack of 2 tubes costs about THB 79 on promotion. Do check out for promotions as they regularly introduces combo promotions.

7. Lays Grain Crackers


These are one of the best healthy crackers I ever had. Looking at the packaging with various pictures of grains, you would think the crackers are nowhere near nice but looks are so deceiving. These crackers have a great crunch and is not overly salted and seasoned. Instead, you can taste the subtle grain taste of the cracker with good texture. They come in many flavours like original, barbeque, sour cream and sushi.( yes, you did not read wrongly, it is indeed sushi and it taste great) You can find the small packet ones in many 7-11 or convenience stores. Big C sells the big packet at THB 19 and the small ones at THB 49.50 for 10 packets combo. You can now snack on healthy crackers without feeling guilty.

8. Little Farm Garlic Bread


This is something new that I tried at my sister’s house and you must be thinking what is so special with garlic bread? Well, this is my exact thoughts but when I tried the first piece, I kept stealing the 2nd and the 3rd piece. While the snack is shaped like a bread, it is more like a biscuit. It is crunchy and dry and the flavours are very well done. Imagine, garlic bread but dried into a crispy texture. You can taste the butter and the garlic and slight sugar taste clearly. This small snack is extremely addictive and you can end up finishing one whole packet without noticing it. They come in 1 huge pack of 80g at THB 35 or a packet of individually wrapped pieces ( about 20 packs) at THB 29. They have other flavours like butter, black pepper and Tom yam but the garlic taste the best for me.

9. Tao Kae Noi Lemongrass & Ginger Tea


This made it to this list but actually can’t be bought in Big C. You can buy this at any Tao Kae Noi shop. Instead of powdered lemon grass, you can see every bits of lemongrass and ginger in the silky sachet. The taste is very organic and pure as well with no added sugar. I drink this after meals and it is great for digestion and also for relaxation. The clean refreshing smell reminds me of a good Thai massage. The packet which has 25 sachet is priced at THB 150 and there are always in store promotions when you buy more than 1 packet. They also have the 100 sachet packet at THB 499.

10. Sofy Cooling Fresh Pantyliner


Sorry guys, you can skip this one. Girls everywhere would know that stuffy feeling there especially in our humid and hot weather. This is a relief to use in our hot weather and not too menthol in my opinion.

Big C Supercenter

Address: 97/11 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

Operating hours: 9 am to 2 am

Nearest BTS : Chit Lom
Tao Kae Noi Outlet

Address: Terminal 21 LG 19 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Nearest BTS: Asoke

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