Asiana Business Class lounge Incheon Terminal 1

With almost 3 years of non-travelling, I pretty much forgot what the airport lounges look like so with my business class flight, I made sure to check out the Asiana Business class lounge before I boarded my flight back to Singapore

I recall visiting this lounge 5 years back when I was in transit and while it was spacious, there wasn’t much to do in the lounge and the food offered was also minimal

They changed the layout of the lounge and it reminds me of the Singapore lounge with the dark furnishing and orange lighting atmosphere. Equipped with a lot more single booth seats for people to relax and watch TV. There is also a standalone alcohol and bar area for those who want to get a drink before their flight

The food area is all the way inside with a proper dining table and seating for those who are having a full meal before their flight. Some of the food offerings include; salads, soup, juices, hot food and instant cup noodles. The hot food available was limited to fried chicken, fried beansprouts and vegetables, fried mushrooms and spaghetti

I took a small amount of everything for tasting and surprisingly the mushroom soup was quite decent with a creamy consistency and subtle mushroom flavour. The fried chicken was again the best dish and the rest of the dishes was just pretty normal. They were not bad tasting but nothing too fancy or memorable. I had 2nd helping of soup and fried chicken even though I was quite full

Overall, the Asiana lounge was ok and I would rate it a 6/10 for the spacious comfortable seating and lounging areas. However, there were barely enough seats for people so we spent only 30 mins in the lounge. There was a napping area as well but was all fully occupied when I was there so I was unable to take any pictures. In terms of food offering, while the variety is limited, the taste and quality of the food are considered ok. The only downside was the lounge was quite short-staffed when I was there so tables were not cleared fast enough for new visitors

Author: elizbeartravel

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