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If you have been reading my posts, you would know I have visited Seoul at least 5 times and worn the Hanbok 3 times. The first time was a company trip and it was near Namsan, I was probably 2 sizes smaller and finding a comfortable Hanbok was not as difficult. The 2nd time, I was just looking for one near the palace and I was a size UK 16 to size 18 at that point and there were really limited selections for me in the store. I ended up with a dress which was a tight fit and got uncomfortable throughout the day

So finally my 3rd time was the recent trip and I made sure to do my research for Hanbok rentals that catered for plus-size ladies. Oneday Hanbok came up in my search and there was only a handful on the list so I choose one with better reviews. I made sure to book a fitting session 2 months before my visit and gave them our sizes so they can prepare in advance

You can reach Oneday Hanbok from exit 2 of Anguk subway station. From exit 2, walk straight uphill for 5 to 10 mins ( depending on your speed) until you see these tourist panels. ( Picture 2) The panels have some write-ups on the surrounding area and buildings. Usually, there are 2 tourist guides standing at this exact spot who can speak different languages to help tourists. You should cross the road from this junction and you can see the 7-11 and the rental is just above the 7-11. The entrance is located at the small alley just past the green walls so from 7-11, walk upwards on the right side and turn left in the first alley and you will see the stairs leading to Oneday Hanbok

Once you go up the stairs, there is a seating area where all customers have to remove their shoes before entering the store. Once you enter the store, there is a small seating area for customers to wait if the shop is too crowded. As we made a booking beforehand, we did not have to wait. The staff were very friendly and spoke English well. We were first asked to put our coats and belongings all into big temporary bags for safekeeping. Do note that all valuables should be kept by yourself and the shop is not responsible

The shop is very spacious and all the Hanbok were lined up neatly and nicely. As compared to the previous shops I have visited, I find this shop more organised and the quality of the Hanbok is better and more well-maintained. The staff will first take your basic measurements ( Chest area) and recommend the Hanbok top shirt and skirt rack where you can choose the designs and colours you prefer. Once you have selected your outfit, the staff will help you get dressed with an underskirt which gives the skirt the puffy look. You are allowed 2 fittings only based on your size, if the staff misfitted you, an additional fitting is allowed. Additional fittings to choose designs and colours are charged at an additional KRW2,000 each

The cost of the rental is KRW 28,000 for 4 hours, KRW 32,000 for 24 hours and any additional hours at KRW5,000 per hour. Basic accessories like hair accessories, bags and hair styling ( tying up with ribbon) are free and any other accessories like hats, King belts and gat is at KRW 2,000 each) As you can tell from the photo, there is a nice dress-up counter area for ladies to get their hair styled or choose their bags and hair accessories

For the guys, the area is a bit smaller since there are lesser design choices and most are just colour differences. Overall, I really liked the experience at Oneday Hanbok as the staff is very friendly and as a plus-sized person, there are very pretty choices available and I do not feel left out at all

Other notes:

A deposit of KRW 50,000 is required with a copy of your photo ID/passport. If you decided to put your physical passport with them, the deposit can be only KRW 10,000 only. If any damage is noticed on the clothes, the cost of repair has to be paid. Any delay in return will also result in costs incurred

Address: 4 Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: 9 am to 7 pm daily

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