Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell

Coffee lovers would be familiar with Huggs coffee as they have been serving coffee since 2008. As Singapore’s largest homegrown speciality brand, Huggs Collective Aibi Maxwell is a collaborative concept space with brands like Fitmeal, Samsung, Denzy Gelato and more

The huge 3,000 square feet space includes the main cafe area where the coffee, gelato and snacks counter is located. The design is minimalist but spacious and cosy at the same time

There are also some bar top and cove area seating which is integrated with headsets and speakers with their audio partner TC Acoustics

There is an amphitheatre area which is integrated with Samsung equipment like their projectors and sound systems. This space is available for private event bookings or for customers to chill with their drinks as there are small wooden tables for them to place their orders

There is an area that has all their merchandise for sale on display

The menu is a collaboration with Fitmeal so all of their meals are specially curated to provide a healthy option for those who finish their workout at Aibi or for those who are generally watching their diet. We ordered the chicken konjac noodle which is served with minced chicken, mushroom and tomatoes. The total calories are only 368.96 kcal. The noodles itself is extremely light and refreshing with hardly any grease. Even so; the meal was quite delicious and I will not mind having them if I was on a diet plan

We also had the nachos which are served with guacamole and spicy Mexican dip with 494.5 kcal. The nachos were crunchy and fresh but the dip was drier than usual salsa dips so it is not easy to pick up the dip with the chips. Flavour-wise, the dip is quite refreshing with a slight spiciness and citrusy tones

The drinks were quite general as we did not go for the coffee but the milk tea was quite mediocre

This was not our order but I decided to take a picture of the bear latte art done as the mascot used in the cafe was a bear as well

There were also cakes, pies, wraps and tarts available if you prefer a quick meal or dessert

They also have a good variety of flavours from Denzy gelato available and they looked pretty good

Overall, I liked the atmosphere of Huggs Collective but as we visited after dinner, we did not get to try too many of their dishes. Their menu is varied being Thai, Korean, Japanese, and English options and all of their dishes have curated calories for those watching their diet. I read online that there is also an outdoor pet playground for pet owners to bring their pets to enjoy their chill-out time together

Address: 30 Maxwell Rd, #01-03, Singapore 069114

Opening hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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