Christmas Wonderland 2020, Walk of Lights

Every year this season, Gardens by the Bay will always dress up for their Christmas Wonderland display to attract more visitors to see the garden drenched in festive lightings. This year, due to the pandemic, there are a couple of restrictions introduced which converts the wonderland display into a walk of lights instead while the past wonderland events had food stalls and gift shops.

The walk of lights is a ticketed event with pre-booked time slots to restrict the number of visitors per session which is slated to end on 31st December 2020 has been extended till 3 Jan 2021. The tickets were only SGD 5 per adult and there is also a digital version online if you prefer to stay at home.

Gantries were set up to manage any crowd situation and even though I booked the 10pm session, I was surprised to see quite a number of people turning up.

Temperatures were taken at the gantry while the staff also check your entry tickets for the correct time slot.

As we near the beginning of the walk of lights, the crowd start to build up as people stop for photos and also login via trace together.

There was supposed to be 9 light attractions for the entire walk of lights and this tunnel of lights was the first and the entry of the display. Many people were stuck at this tunnel taking pictures and staff were busy chasing the crowd to move along.

The tunnel itself is quite short about 200m but is extremely crowded.

Immediately past the blue tunnel lights, you see the super trees all decked out in purple glow which looks quite futuristic.

The 2nd light installation you will see is this pumpkin carriage which has long queues if you wish to take pictures sitting inside the carriage. In fact if you wish to take pictures with any of the installations up close, do be prepared for a 5 mins wait as every attraction has a short queue.

The next one was this giant gift box which also had a short queue.

This next piece was some pretty interesting light patterns placed on the empty meadow space with the backdrop of the super trees.

The next one was this small lighted Christmas tree ball which has a much shorter queue as it was not as impressive as the rest

This fountain was quite well made with the lights moving along to signify flowing waters.

In my opinion, this was the most boring looking installation which was sponsored by Haagen Dazs which had a lighted Christmas tree, a sleigh of ice creams and chocolates and tubs of ice creams.

The last one is this circular flag looking installation which was also quite pretty against the backdrop of the illuminated super trees.

Overall, the walk took less than 15 mins as we hardly stopped to join any of the queue to take pictures. While the lights were quite pretty, the overall experience was quite lackluster as there festive music playing was quite soft and the area is generally warm and humid. It would have been great if they did some in prompt to fake snow display. Certain displays which were more popular had great crowds gathering and many safe ambassadors were busy chasing people to move along which might affect some people’s experience. The fact that the tickets were not priced too much, it is still a nice stroll in the evening to aid in digestion of your huge Christmas feast.

Address: Gardens by the Bay

Dates: 4 to 3 Jan 2021

Operation hours: 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Tickets purchase here

Author: elizbeartravel

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