Lazy Dalgona Drink Hack

After trying the Dalgona coffee the other day, I looked up other similar drinks tried by many other YouTubers and bloggers and I saw this on YouTuber Haoren channel this easy and lazy hack to make Dalgona drinks. In terms of ingredients, it is similar to many other recipes which require whipped cream or whipped egg whites.


The most important ingredient for this lazy hack is ready off the shelf whipped cream in a spray bottle. After that, it is basically mixing different powder ingredients with the cream. This time, I am trying 3 flavours Milo, Matcha powder and Hong Kong Milk tea powder.


So for the Milo, just mix the whipping cream with 2 spoons of Milo powder


Combine the cream and Milo to make sure that it is thoroughly mixed but not flat. We should not lose the fluffiness of the cream or it will not float


Place it on top of iced milk and it is complete. Not as fluffy as I would have liked it but the visuals were still acceptable. At the first sip, the milo cream was a lot like those milo sweets where the milo flavour was extremely heavy with tiny bits of milo powder which melts in your mouth.


When you mix them up before drinking, it was like having a thick milo dinosaur drink which is very creamy and at the same time very sweet. Milo lovers will definitely love this.


Next for the matcha powder which is done the exact same way. My matcha powder was kept for more than a year so it is not as green as I wished


The mixed cream is light olive green and still floats pretty well. The taste of the cream was slightly bitter from the matcha powder so I added some condensed milk for taste


After mixing the cream with the milk, the drink tasted like green tea latte which has strong milky taste with a light matcha flavour. This would be popular with matcha lovers and people who don’t like sweet drinks.


The last one was made using a 3-in-1 sachet of Hong Kong Milk tea and I was afraid that the cream will not float because of the sugar in the packet, so I added more cream than usual. Surprisingly, the cream was well blended and still stayed afloat. This one looks the prettiest and actually tasted well like the actual Hong Kong milk tea.


Even when mixed up, the milk tea flavours were strong and was extra milky from the fresh milk. This was, in fact, my favourite from the 3 flavours tested. Although this is really a  lazy and unhealthy hack, the drinks really ended up quite delicious and it was quite fun to try out different combinations while at home.


Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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