Roseate House

On our last night in Delhi, we decided to stay very near to the airport since we had a 9am flight. With a well-developed Aerocity near to the airport, we were spoilt for choices. I came across the Roseate House which is a local 5-star hotel which boasts a luxury stay for travellers and decided to book our last night here.


The hotel facade reminded me of the St Regis chain of hotels with its sleek yet premium looking design. The hotel itself was about a 10 mins drive away from the domestic airport.


The lobby was very classy and exquisite with floor marbling and simple ceiling to floor glass doors leading out to the courtyard.


This was the sight that drew me to the hotel with a glamourous understated decorations


This was my view since we arrived pretty late and left very early.


The check-in counter was quite small and since we were very late there was no other guest waiting for service. I’m not sure how this works out when it is during the peak period for check-ins since there are only 3 counters.


The hotel lobby itself is quite huge with meeting rooms and event spaces available but we did not have any time to explore. There is the Australian Fashion week event ongoing at the main ballroom next to the lobby when we arrived so you can tell it is a prestigious venue to select for events.


The same understated luxury design is found throughout the hotel even along the corridors as it is dressed in sleek and modern furnishings.


The room is very comfortable in terms of layout and feels more like a luxury service apartment than a hotel. Small double beds are placed for a twin sharing room but I found the bed too soft to my liking. There is also a small table for eating or relaxing and a small work table for guests. As the flooring is wood, it is not too cold to walk barefoot.


The bathroom size is medium with a separate bathtub and shower area. The toilet is located at the far end with a separate glass door to prevent any unpleasant smells.


This is a clearer view of the bathroom and the toilet. All basic amenities are provided and privacy can be maintained with the blinds that can be lowered between the bathroom and bedroom. There is also a sliding door to block the bathroom with the main walkway although I realised that there are gaps where I could peep through while in the bathtub so I was a bit concerned the room service staff could see me while delivering our food.

You can see the room tour video here and there is also a walk-in wardrobe area near to the entrance where you can place your luggage and clothes.

Overall, the stay here was comfortable enough and the rate is also quite reasonable for a 5-star hotel. I was half expecting the standards of St Regis but it was somewhat lacking slightly. The stay is not bad but not yet to the standards of the St Regis chain with some gaps. If you ask me why I am comparing them to St Regis, you can tell from their site that they pride themselves on being a luxury hotel and St Regis would be my benchmark

Address: Asset 10, Northern Access Rd, Aerocity, Hospitality District, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, Delhi 110037, India

Room rates: SGD 228


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