Dong Fang Ji Bai Chinese Restaurant Xian Airport

The Xian airport is quite big and spacious but food options are pretty limited with one Starbucks, a few local Chinese food eateries as well as a local Muslim food court. We chose the outlet that was nearest to our check-in counter and settled for noodles.


The menu looked good with mainly noodle dishes and some rice dish. The price is also quite affordable ranging from CNY 20 to CNY 40.


The eatery is not huge but is very clean and modern with ample seats for the tourist group of the individual traveller. Both the order and pick up is self-serviced so you don’t see much service staff around. The eatery shares the space with the pizza and Italian restaurant next door.


Most of their menu comes in a set with either a meat dish with dry or soup noodles. The greatest disappointment was that most of the items were sold out when we went to the counter to make our order. It was around 8 plus in the evening and most of the items were already sold out.


We had this dry noodle with giant stewed meatball and blanched vegetable. The serving is not huge so it is easy on the stomach. The noodle is springy and nice but has no flavour on its own so mixing it with the sauce is a must. The meatball itself is huge and juicy but a little on the salty side.


The pork chop was nicely seasoned with light soy sauce and was not as salty as the meatball so it complemented the plain noodles very well. However, the meat on the pork chop is slightly tough to bite.


The Mapo beancurd was spicy and palatable which is one of the representative dishes of Xian. The spice is not too hot and is suitable for people who like a little bit of kick with their noodles.

Generally, the meal is general enough to fill your stomach and the taste is not fantastic nor neither horrible. So if you are in Xian airport and looking for a quick meal, you can try the noodles at this outlet.


Author: elizbeartravel

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