Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is a public park by the sea in the Ibaraki prefecture which is famous for their various blooms throughout the year. The park is huge and is spread across 350 hectares of land and houses a small amusement park with Ferris wheel and exciting rides and carnival games. Most part of the park is dedicated to the different areas  with different flowers.


The park has a huge parking area for visitors to park their car and cost ¥510 for one vehicle for unlimited hours until the park closes


The entrance to the park costs ¥450 per adult and can be purchased via the automated machines at the entrance. Beyond the amusement park, you can see huge plots of greenery and at least a 20 mins walk to reach the most famous Miharashi Hill.


Most of the park is not covered so make sure you bring an umbrella for the sun or the rain. Near the park’s main entrance is a garden where narcissus usually bloom from mid March and in late April tulips bloom in the nearby lake.


Throughout the park, you can find these maps and directional signages so visitors can easily find their way


The Miharashi Hill is the one which is blooming in different flowers during different seasons. In April, blue nemophila will bloom and the entire hill is filled with the pretty sky blue color. In fall, the hill is covered by green kokia bushes which slowly turn red as the weather turns cooler


There are criss crossed path which leads all over the hill and the ones at the higher part of the hill will give you a cool sea view and panoramic view of the park.


There are various rest stops and stations as well as food pop up stores throughout the park for visitors to have their picnic as well as to take a break. They have seasonal items like this blue soft serve ice cream which is similar in color from the flowers.


As it was raining quite badly, we decided to take the train back to the main entrance. Without really checking, we got onto one of these trams which brings you to one point of the park to another and costs only ¥300 per person. We subsequently learnt that this tram only brings us from West entrance back to the hills.


Back at the hills, we changed to another bigger train which brings us back to the entrance and cost ¥900 per adult. In order not to make the same mistake as us, do check the destination of where you wish to go with the staff before getting on board. As not all of them speak English, the best is to show them on the map which you can get at the entrance.

Overall, the flowers were really the highlight of the park but as it was raining badly, we did not get to enjoy the park as much as we should. There is also a Rose garden, grassland flower garden, grassland northside gardens and the tulips garden which we missed out as it was difficult to walk around with the rain and we did not have an umbrella. There are also many food stalls and souvenir stores where you can buy snacks and souvenirs made from the flowers home. We bought some sweet potato snack from the park which was absolutely delicious. Regardless, the park is still worth a visit for the beautiful flowers and the pictures you can get from this park

Address: Japan, 〒312-0012 Ibaraki, Hitachinaka, Mawatari, 大沼605-4

Operating hours: 9.30 am to 5 pm

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