Sunnide Resort Yamanashi

Sunnide Resort is another ryokan I have stayed at around Mount Fuji with also a great view of the mountain. It is however slightly further away and less modern than the previous one I have stayed before. The room rate is also more affordable compared to the other ones.


Once you reach the Kawaguchiko station, the resort has a shuttle bus that will ferry their guests to the resort. During your reservations, you have to make a booking for the shuttle service in order for the service to be arranged. Without the shuttle it can be quite challenging to get to the resort on your own


Once you reach the resort, the building itself is small in size but very cosy looking. The staff speaks very basic English and the lobby is relatively small.



The room itself is smaller in size with a dining table and the tatami being set up already when we arrived.



This is the view of the Mount Fuji from our room window which is quite amazing


The ryokan also has their indoor onsen which is also separated into male and female.


There is an internal onsen pool which has a full window view of the mountain to enjoy while you soak


There is also the rooftop outdoor area which has a side view of the mountain

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After our soak in the onsen, we had our dinner served at the dining hall as our room was too small. As usual the dinner had multiple courses which includes fresh sashimi, hotpot, broiled dishes as well as seasonal dishes only available around the region. Dinner is very filling with all the courses and is included in the room rate.


Breakfast is served in the dining hall as well and is buffet styled with mostly Japanese dishes and a small variety of Western dish like bacon, baked beans and scrambled eggs.


I love Japanese breakfast as they are light and yet very filling to help you start the day with great energy.

The ryokan is more basic compared to the other ryokans scattered around the lake but it had perfect view of the mountain and relatively good onsen experience for the room rates.

Room rates start from: SGD 300 per night

Address: 2549−1 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0305, Japan



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