Torre d alta mar

When it comes to fine dining, the most important points to note is impeccable service standards, precise food standards and culinary skills and a immaculate dining atmosphere. When all pointers are met and throw in a perfect aerial view of the city, you have all the success factor for a restaurant. Torre d’Alta Mar is a Mediterranean restaurant on the top floor of the cross-harbour cable car station in Barcelona.


The restaurant is on top of a 75m-high metal tower, designed by Carles Buigas and built in 1929. n 2002, brothers Carlos and Oscar Manresa, two leading restaurateurs on Barcelona’s culinary scene, converted this tower into one of the most beautiful restaurants in the Catalan capital. They serve Mediterranean cuisine with 360º panoramic views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea. Dining here can be expensive but they do have an affordable lunch menu.


The interior of the restaurant is modern and elegant where the main decoration is the iron beams and rivets from the last century


There is a cosmopolitan atmosphere with their clean white table linens and swivel chairs. Guests can reach the restaurant with a private glassed elevator with a view


With a 360 panoramic view, you can find a gorgeous view of the sea and the city from every corner of the restaurant.


We had the lunch menu which has an entrée, main and dessert. We were served an appetizer with is like a kind of savoury tomato soup sorbet texture dish.


Next we had the entrée which is a small toasted bread with a slab of foie gras butter textured stick which was creamy and savoury.


Seared octopus leg with roasted baby potatoes and herbs. The octopus was tender and juicy with good margination from the herbs and sauces.


The grilled squid with sautéed vegetables and potato puree was nicely grilled with a light brown skin and charred flavours while maintaining the tenderness of the seafood.


The lobster bisque cannelloni was small in serving but big on flavours. The sauce was rich with seafood umami yet still maintaining the lightness on the stomach.


The fish was lightly seared till the skin was brown and crispy and baked to juicy flakiness where the meat is light and fluffy. The dish is lightly drizzled with a brown sauce which complemented the dish well


Lastly for dessert, we were served meringue and jelly which was a little sweet for me.

Overall, the food at Torres d alta mar is fantastic with a view that is great in the day and the night. The service is good but not overly friendly. Do note that I visited them in 2015 so the menu would be different from the one I have tried before. The restaurant is perfect for those special occasions or celebrations but be prepared to make reservations early as they are popular and might burn a hole in your pockets.

Address: Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 88, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Operating hours: 1 pm to 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm ( 7.30 pm to 11.30 pm only on Sun and Mon)

Reservation Link

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