Skai Bar

Since young, we have always heard about how nice and expensive the restaurant at Westin Stamford and the restaurant was called Compass Rose then. The main selling point of Compass Rose was the view you get from the restaurant which is located at the 70th floor of the Westin Stamford hotel; the tallest hotel in Singapore. Fast forward to today, Compass rose is long gone and the latest restaurant and bar that has taken over the space is SKAI restaurant and bar.


You will experience an exhilarating feeling while taking lift up to the bar as it is so high up the hotel and the lift travels at a very fast speed that you might experience ear blocks. Compared to the old Compass rose or even the city scape bar before, SKAI bar has taken a much smaller space with a corner entrance.


The bar still exudes the charm of one of the best night view of Singapore with ceiling to floor windows. Although smaller in space, the bar now caters to a smaller group of customers with comfortable leather seating.


There is also a small bar counter area with bar seats for customers preferring to sit and watch the bartender at work


The menu is quite extensive with a large variety of alcoholic drinks although I feel that the non alcoholic section is still limited.


Finally a proper old fashioned whiskey served with proper block ice.


The low horizon I ordered was suppose to have Orchid tea and white grape juice but really tasted a lot like Chinese medicinal cough syrup. It was so bad I had to order another drink.


It was back to old fashioned lemonade soda that saved the day.

Overall, nothing can beat the view of the bar except for rainy days or if the windows are flogged up. The service is also what you can expect from a 5 star hotel. I also really liked that instead of the usual bar snacks, they served black olives and nuts which were great snacks for drinks.

Address: 2 Stamford Rd, level 70 Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore 178882

Operating hours: 5 pm to 1 am ( Weekdays) 2 am ( Fri ) 4 pm to 2 am ( Sat ) 4 pm to 1 am ( Sun)

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