Ban Heng Restaurant

It’s Lunar New Year Eve and a tradition to join all your family members round the table for dinner. This tradition is lovingly known as the reunion dinner. What it really means is to be with your family for one of the most important day of the year similar to Thanksgiving dinner in the Western world.

In older days, we used to have our reunion dinners at home where our mothers wake up real early and start cooking with love which is still carried on in many families. For us, we decided to head out for dinner and save the hassle on our parents although we do miss those home cooking.

Ban Heng restaurant has many outlets and the closest to us is the one at Harbourfront. Located at the 4th floor of the mall, the restaurant is extremy popular for it’s very affordable dim sum buffet every weekend.

The restaurant is huge and caters to many tour groups, wedding dinners as well as association dinners or company gatherings.

The restaurant is typical in setup with round tables up to 100s, a stage, private rooms and quite uniquely a blue sky ceiling.

Distracted with our first dish which is the lohei which is like a salad dish made of carrots, radish, cucumbers topped with sour plum sauce, sweet sauce, peanuts and sesame. Depending on your preference, you can top the salad with raw salmon or abalone. This dish symbolises good luck the more the ingredients are tossed around. I will post a video in my next lohei. The lohei at Ban Heng is on the sweet side with very crunchy vegetables.

The 2nd dish was the crab meat and fish maw soup which was largely starchy braised soup with little ingredients

The roast chicken was very good with crispy golden brown skin and succulent and tender meat.

This next dish is very Teochew which is steames fluffy buns with braises pork belly meat. The braisedmeat was soft, juicy and fatty at the same time and complements the steamed buns well. Its like a Chinese style steamed hamburger.

This next dish is a very simple vegetable dish where the cabbage and soy beancurd skin is simmered and cooked till soft and almost melt in your mouth texture. The mushrooms also excludes the strong soy flavours of the dish

This is another dish i missed taking pictures due to my love of eating them. Before I knew it, its all gone from the plate! Fresh and juicy, the prawns were simply steamed and you can taste the natural sweetness of the prawns.

Last dish before dessert was the ee fu noodles which I found very bland.

I did missed out on the fish and dessert on pictures since family reunions are really meant for everyone to just dig in and enjoy so this is a short review! Happy New Year from me!

Address: #04, 1 Maritime Square, 01 Harbour Front Centre 099253

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm

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A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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