Tori Q Japanese Yakitori

Busy with last minute Christmas shopping and no time for dinner? There are many food options but it does get a bit boring to eat from food courts and hawker centre and yet spending time in a restaurant during this busy period is a luxury. Lucky for Tori Q, you can have fantastic Japanese Yakitori bento at an affordable price and at the comfort of your house.


Tori Q has many outlets across different malls with small counters selling take away bento with different Yakitori choices and are extremely popular with busy working adults rushing through their errands and shopping. The outlet at Orchard Gateway has seating for diners to have their Yakitori fixes on the spot as well.



All of Tori Q’s counter has an open kitchen concept where all customers can see the Yakitori being freshly barbequed.


The skewers cost between SGD 1.50 to SGD 3.30 and has at least up to 15 varieties of different meats. Unlike the original Yakitori, Tori Q has also introduced some fried skewers to attract the children customers.


Tori Q offers a few kinds of bento; from the cheapest set with 4 mixed skewers of the lowest priced skewers to higher costs bento with the more expensive ranged skewers. You can also choose to add on additional skewers at a la carte cost.


For the weight conscious, you can request for lesser rice which will give you a discount of a few cents or more rice at an additional 60 cents. Each bento comes with Japanese pickles as well as a generous amount of shredded crispy seaweed. The server will give sufficient sauce for each bento but if you need any additional sauce, you can pay 50-80  cents for each packet.

Overall, this is a rather affordable option to having Japanese Yakitori as a packed meal instead of visiting a proper restaurant and be immersed in the smokey environment. All the meats are well grilled to perfection, all thanks to the semi automated cooking machine and the standard operating procedures executed at each outlet. Each bento rice is measured by weight to make sure that each bento is made the same way. In fact the rice is so well received that they even sell the raw rice to customers.

Address: B1-11 Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd, 238858

Operating hours: 11 am to 9.30 pm



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