Express Teppanyaki-closed

Feeling Japanese but watching your dinner budget at the same time? No worries, there is always some pretty decent Japanese cuisine at food courts that can satisfy the craving and not hurt your wallets too much. Having Teppanyaki at a proper restaurant can be quite an expensive affair but at Vivocity Food Republic food court you have the affordable Express Teppanyaki.

There are various options for individual diners as well as group diners where a set for 2 is only SGD 35.90 for 2 meats, oysters, fish, squid, beansprouts and vegetables. The set comes with rice, soup and a drink as well.

The stall is right in the middle of the food court with seating for almost 20 people with the view of the teppanyaki stove.

The stalls gets very crowded during meal times and dinner is almost like a cooking show with the chef cooking right in front of your eyes. However, do note that it does get slightly greasy at the end of your meal.

The squid and oysters are usually served first as they take the shortest time to cook. The chef will also ask your preference on spiciness before preparing the food. The sauce is standard throughout the meal which has a peppery and savory taste.

Next item served will be the meats which are cooked well and tender.

The prawns are general in size but fresh and succulent.

While you dine on, you can watch the chef prepare our diner’s dinner as well.

Overall, this is food court standard food which is not too bad and very affordable and is a good choice to satisfy the Teppanyaki cravings.

Address: Food Republic food court, level 3, Vivocity Mall

Operating hours : 11 am to 10 pm

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