Burger and Lobster

Burgers and Lobsters! Who doesn’t love this combination? With Pince and Pint opening their first outlet in Singapore, many people have gone in search for the best lobster roll. If you are a lobster lover, you definitely would have heard of Burger and Lobsters in London.


With all the reviews about Burger and Lobster, we headed there for dinner with great excitement. The night started out not as expected as we missed our booking and had to wait for tables like any normal walk in. We arrived around 7.15 pm and there was another 3 – 4 groups in front of us and we were told the wait will take anywhere from 10 – 15 mins.

We were then seated at the bar area where you can order a drink or cocktail while waiting for your table. You can also watch the bar tender at work serving out drinks for the diners at the waiting area as well as the first floor of the restaurant.


We were led to our table at the basement floor and while making our way there, you can see the huge tank full of lobsters right at the top of the stairs.


There is another bar at this level to serve the diners at this floor


The restaurant itself is dressed in red sofa seats with wooden tables. The basement floor has about 20 tables and can seat up to 50 persons. The distance between each tables is quite close and can be a little claustrophobic.


The menu is pretty simple; you have light bites, burgers and lobsters and a separate drinks menu. The cost per item for the mains is from £14 – £50 and the sides and snacks are from £7 – £18


We had the sharing platter for starters at £18 which had calamari, croquettes and panko shrimps and served with chipotle mayo, lemon mayo and sriracha mayo. All 3 dishes were very well fried, the calamari is fresh and juicy and the prawns were individually very succulent. My favourite was the croquettes which was so crispy on the outside but very soft and creamy inside. The sauces also had a nice kick to them making it a good pairing with the 3 fried items.


We had the giant ice tea which was a mix of green tea, lemon grass, lemon and ginger. The giant glass for sharing is priced at £12 while an individual glass is at £5. The drink itself is very refreshing and is a good thirst quencher and is served with paper straws as part of an effort to save the earth.


Since we don’t take beef and there was no non beef options for the burger except for black bean and we were not feeling bean, we had to give it a miss. We ordered the original roll at £25 and our order was served with fries and salad, Japanese mayo and lemon. The restaurant was extremely generous with their servings of the lobster as you can chew on huge lobster chunks throughout the roll. However, I found the sauce quite disappointing as it did not complement the roll as well as I wish it to be. I find it missing the creaminess I was looking for in the lobster roll. The bread roll was pretty dry as well and missing more butter. For this price, I am quite disappointed

We also order the whole lobster, half to be grilled and half to be steamed at £27 and the dish came served with fries and salad as well. The lobsters were very fresh and the meat was springy and juicy but again the sauce was not impressive. The servings of the fries were huge and we could not finish both our fries.

The service is generally fine with the servers greeting you with a nice smile and offering you food recommendations but when they got slightly busier, it took us more than 5 mins to get attention and we had to ask for our bill 3 times before it finally came. Service charge is automatically added to the bill at 10-12% depending on the restaurant.

Overall, I find the reviews of Burger and Lobster to be over rated and I feel the ones I had in Singapore or the one my friend had in Tokyo served better mains.

Address: 26 Binney St, Mayfair, London W1K 5BL, UK

Operating hours: 12 to 10.30 pm (weekdays ) 12 to 11 pm ( Fri and Sat ) 10pm on Sun

Nearest station : Bond Street

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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