Kris flyer Gold Lounge in Narita Airport

By now many of you would know that I am miles rich not because I fly frequently but because of the right credit cards that I use. So I was always the member holding the basic blue Krisflyer membership card. The gold membership is the well coveted card amongst business travellers because of the priority seat selection, check-in, baggage and of course the access to private lounges all over the globe. Last year, I managed to achieve my gold status albeit I probably can’t maintain it beyond a year.


This is my first business trip as a gold member so I finally had the chance to hang out at the ANA lounge at Narita. The lounge is located on the 2nd floor near to gates 46-47.


The lounge is huge and spacious with many cosy booth and arm chair seats for the frequent traveller.The overall atmosphere is very warm and cosy from the orange lights.

Right in the centre of the lounge, you have 2 long tables serving salad, cheese and crackers, sushi and bread. On the side towards the wall, you can find the coffee machine, cocktail bar as well as a few hot dishes like meat balls and fried noodles.


For travellers prefering proper table seating can proceed to the back of the lounge.


Tugged away at the back is also a hot food station that serves small servings of udon soup with beancurd or tempura vegetable, char siew ramen as well as curry don.


This is by far the most popular station with many people crowding the station. Once you have placed your order, you will be given a buzzer which will let you know when to collect your food. The udon broth is very light and the noodles well cooked.


The curry don has small chunks of carrots, potato and chicken meat. As the serving is small, everyone usually orders more than one serving.

The lounge also includes other facilities like pc with internet, shower and magazines. There is also something unique which is a sake and alcohol bar.

Located at Terminal 1 Level Two, near to Gate 46

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