Colour in my life

As a kid I have always envied my siblings for attending drawing lessons and whenever I followed my parents to pick them up from class, I wished I was also a student attending lessons as well. I love art and paintings but I definitely have zero talent in drawing. Even though I never had excellent marks in school for art, I always had sketches forming in my head whenever I have a creative idea. However, once I pencil them down the drawing is really quite embarrassing. So 2 years ago, there was a craze for adult colouring books and almost everyone was doing this during the weekends. Colouring calms the mind, releases stress and also helps in maintaining focus.

So I started going crazy getting 4 books at one time and a full set of colouring pencils and markers. I started with my first book of mystical animals and did only 6 pictures. The responses were great with family and friends and when I looked at it, it really wasn’t difficult. I stopped when the interest started to dip and the books are all shelfed now.

I should start picking the books up again and re-challenge myself to do something different. Below are a display of the 6 pieces and I hope to update another one soon.



Author: elizbeartravel

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