Pearl Palace Heritage

I was searching for a place to stay in Jaipur when I decided to go to a hotel which is more traditional than modern and came across Pearl Palace Heritage. From the booking site, Pearl Palace is like a themed hotel where you can choose to stay in different rooms with different decorations. When we arrived at our hotel, it was very late at night and our driver actually dropped us at the wrong hotel. Under the same owner, there is an older hotel named Pearl Palace which is also not far from the one we booked.


The road it was located was pretty dark so we can hardly get any pictures of the entrance. The area looked more like a residential area but the main entrance was still quite brightly lit.


The check-in counter was a small personal desk and the process was still pretty much old school and manual although there was a computer that checks on emails and bookings.  This hotel is relatively new as it is less than 6 months old and there is no restaurant here at the moment. If you wish to have breakfast, it was located at the older hotel which is 10 mins walk away.


The lobby itself was decorated like an Indian palace with ceramic tiles, pillars, and ceilings. You feel transported to an old lavish era of the Indian empire as you sit and wait for the registration to be done.


You can see various wall designs inspired by the Mughal times like the arch on the wall which is found in most palace doorway. There is no lift in the building but they are staff standing by to help with the luggage.


The corridor really transports you back in time with their semi-concrete walls with exquisite stone carvings and heavy huge wooden room doors. The only thing that gave it away was the modern ceiling lights


This was our room door which is a blast from ancient times with metal framing and bolts and loop handles.


Interestingly, the inside of the door also has the older wooden door latch as the lock of ancient times. For security, the hotel also added modern metal lock at the top of the door and a peephole for the safety of the guest.


The first thing I noticed when I entered the room was the sheer size. I booked a suite room and the room was really huge with the main living room area and a separate bedroom area.


The entire room is laid in wooden parquet with large velvet furniture emphasizing on the lavish palace atmosphere. The wall is also donned in black and gold wallpaper murals.


We had 2 separate queen-sized beds which were considered the full queen-sized compared to other hotels which used the smaller double beds for twin sharing. The beds were not too soft and provided very good support throughout the night and the 4 pillows also had different softness for selection. The TV was placed on a panel facing the beds so you can watch TV while in bed. There are separate air condition units in both the living room and the bedroom area so this is good for adjusting the temperatures to your preference.


Each room had it’s own theme and our room was called the Viceroy and you can read all about the inspiration from this little frame placed in the room. The room is also locked up in this pretty golden lock with a traditional key which you can leave with the reception.


The favourite part of the room for me is actually the bathroom. I did not manage to capture the whole bathroom in the pictures as there is another dresser just behind where I am standing here with the camera. The dresser actually has sample traditional Indian face masks for guests to use. The bathroom can get slightly cold as there is no carpeted area but once the hot water is turned on, the whole room warms up. The bathroom is quite in tip-top condition with fantastic amenities like bathroom, bath gel, shampoo, hand soap, toothbrush, comb and others. The water was very hot which is what I liked about my showers and I spent a long time here.


The next morning, we managed to get a better picture of the entrance where you can find the signboard of the hotel right at the side of the doorway. It felt more like a private residence than a hotel which is something we really liked.


The building was also quite new and pretty with 4 stories in total. As we did not have much time to explore the entire building, I have to say that it was a good night stay. 2 bottles of water are provided complimentary and you can buy more from the counter at 10 rupees per bottle. A small cake is also provided during your check-in as a welcome gift but we did not eat it as we had our cup noodles.

Overall, we had a surprising good rest at the hotel as the room was clean and the beds were comfortable. The service is also friendly and professional. Although being the paranoid traveller that I am, I was worried about the safety in such a small hotel with a wooden door, my fears turn out to be for nothing. I would recommend this hotel for anyone wishing to experience staying in a boutique hotel giving you the chance to embrace the traditional Indian room decor.

Address: 54, Lane Number 2, Ajmer Road, Gopalbari, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001, India

Room rate starts from: SGD 70 per night

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