My first Qantas experience

I was given a chance this year to be on Qantas for the very first time ever for a business trip to Australia as there were no more seats on Singapore Airlines. From the initial confirmation, I was full of complains as I could not get my frequent flyer miles and Qantas was not part of the Star Alliance group however, ever since my flight with them, I can say I am totally converted and would not mind to take Qantas again.


First of all, the boarding sequence was neat and efficient. The leg space in front of seat was very spacious. It was more spacious than some of the other flights I have always taken. I am 163cm in height and my legs could not really reach the floor where my shoes are if I am seated upright. The is also a meshed pocket for your belongings but as there is a hole at the 2 sides, your smaller items might drop out.


The entertainment system is fully touch screen with a 12 inch screen. Headphones were also provided.


The seats were very wide in space and provided a good space for bigger sized customers. The usual blankets and pillows were also provided. The recline for the seats were also very well angled and provided very good support for your back. The recline also does not reduce the leg space in front. The headrest also has stiff sides which you can adjust to provide support for your head when sleeping. I have many experiences where the headrest does not stay after adjustment and no support is provided but this Qantas flight I was on provided very good head rest.


The entertainment system is entirely touch screen so there is no hassle with the remote control. There are different genres provided like movies, TV shows, games and music. The movies provided are lesser in content compared to SQ but there are much more English TV shows and Australian content.


When it came to meal times, the service was very professional and very efficient. All the crew served with a smile and professionalism that there was no way to fault them. In fact, they met every request I had put across to them. While the crew does not give you that saccharine sweet tones in their voice, I very much prefer this high standards assertive professional tones which also helps to keep ridiculous passengers in check. The next surprise I got was the quality of food. This was breakfast service and we were served a hot muffin, cup of fruits and cup of juice. Most muffins I tried on flights were mostly cold but this was served warm and the crust was still crusty and crispy. It was so good I nearly asked for a 2nd one.


My main meal was the chicken breast salad which came in a take away box you see often from cafes. The salad itself was fresh and vegetables still crispy with lightly seasoned chicken breast and lemon sauce. There was also a piece of warm bun provided. Generally, the meals provided were fresh, juicy, crispy unlike some other flight meals which were largely flat, oily, overcooked or tasteless. The in flight meals felt more like a meal from a coffee joint.


There were also surprises when we least expect it, like this box of barbeque pork buns for supper even though it was not stated in the flight plan. The buns were soft and slightly dry which was totally acceptable for me since we were up in the air and this came as a surprise after a long haul flight.

Overall, I find that the Qantas experience is much greater than expected and the structure of the seats actually provided a much more comfortable flight and support for sleeping in the air. The service was on point and professional even though it might take a while sometimes when they are under staffed. My biggest satisfaction from the flights was from the meals provided as they tasted really good compared to most flights I have taken. If the argument was because I had salad, trust me, I had salad from many European flights as well and they were no where near the Qantas standards.

I can fully understand why Qantas was always more expensive than most flights and for the experience I can confidently say I would not hesitate to take another Qantas flight.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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