Silverkris Lounge Hong Kong International Airport

Like Singapore, the Hong Kong airport is huge and packed with retail stores and various restaurants and food outlet. One way to judge if the airport treats their frequent travelers well is to judge by the VIP access lounges they have available.


Because of Singapore airlines constant routes to Hong Kong, there is a standalone lounge just for Kris Flyer customers. Located at the first floor near to where the usual SQ flight gates are, it is not hard to notice that the entrance of the lounge is an extension of the ones we have in Singapore in terms of look and feel. One very obvious Singaporean identity is the pretty Orchid at the service counter.


Once you past the entrance counter, there is a small enclosed area for quiet reading.


You will then see the main bar area where the alcohol and cocktails are being served


Beyond the bar is a long stretch of open spaces with lounge chairs and tables for members to relax, read or catch up on some work as there are plenty of electrical outlets littered around.


There is an area at the far back where there are a couple of individual booths for members requiring utmost privacy. These booths are made to look and feel almost like the business class seats on their planes.


These booth seats are perfect for the busy jet setter who wants to be left alone for quiet me time as well as enjoying perfect privacy doing confidential work.


The lounge offers a good range of cold and hot dishes; from sandwiches to steamed pau and dim sum to fruit juices.


The main island also has salad offerings, more hot dishes like fried rice and fried vegetables. What I really like about SQ lounges is that they try to always offer a localised dish in their lounges.


In the Hong Kong airport, they offered the Wanton Noodles soup which is a huge representation of Hong Kong cuisine. Surprisingly, the quality of the noodle and soup is very high as well. They also has prawn noodles which is a representation for Singapore. The 2 specialized dishes need to be ordered from the service staff unlike the other self service items.


It was also very nice to have a hot bowl of Cantonese soup like the pork rib soup to warm your stomach before boarding the plane.

Overall, the lounge at Hong Kong is huge enough to feel relaxed and enough privacy and the food is generally not too bad. The bad thing was the toilet was undergoing renovations when I was there so we had to the use the toilet outside of the lounge.

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