Sban Siew Pou Kluang – 芙蓉烧包

Located just next to Wan Ti noodles, there is a shop selling Siew Pou which is extremely popular with the locals and is almost always sold out the moment they are out of the oven

As seen here in the picture, the Siew Pou is sold at a coffee shop which also serves other food like breakfast sandwiches, nasi lemak, prawn noodles and more

The Chinese name of the Siew Pou is Fu Rong which is the same famous one from Serembang and has many outlets in Kuala Lumpur and other states. While the brand is different, the Siew Pou is fairly similar with a choice of pork or chicken filling

An old uncle makes the Siew Pou and other bakes freshly within the store with the 2 huge ovens right at the entrance. When I was there, a fresh batch of polo bun has just come out of the oven and was being sold rather quickly

I managed to get a photo of the full offerings of their bakes from their Facebook page as you can see in the 2nd photo when I visited, there were only a handful of items still available. The items available were the Pork siew Pou, chicken Siew Pou, kaya puff, salted egg yolk pastry, green bean pastry and banana walnut cake. I have also seen other posts that they have egg tarts and dumplings available but I am not sure if there are available everyday

Before I go into the actual tasting of the bake, I bought the items as a takeaway as we were too full from the noodles and were rushing back to Singapore. So the items were refrigerated for 1 night before being heated up in the oven. I bought 2 chicken and 3 pork Siew Pou, 1 kaya puff and 1 polo bun to try and the polo bun definitely got flattened due to our journey home. The Siew Pou has a nice crispy crust and a peppery pork or chicken filling. It was more savoury than sweet but overall a nice tea-time snack. The polo bun smelled really good at the shop but did not match up to my expectations. While the crust remains crispy and nice, there was a lack of buttery flavour in the bun itself. The kaya puff pastry was nice and flaky but I found the kaya lacklustre with the nice coconut flavour

Overall, my review might not be 100% accurate since the items travelled a long way and were only reheated and eaten the next day, I do find the snacks pretty general without much surprise as I have eaten much better kaya puff and polo buns elsewhere. The only item which is guess is pretty ok is the Siew Pou if you crave the original one in Serembang and this is the closest you can get to satisfy the craving

Address: 11, Jalan Intan 2/2, Taman Intan, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 8.45 am to 6 pm

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