Hotown Trendy Sichuan Cuisine -红堂新川味

Most Singaporeans love spicy food therefore when mala pot was first introduced to the locals, it instantly became a great hit. There aren’t that many Sichuan cuisine restaurants in Singapore so when there is one very near to my hotel, we decided to give it a try.


Hotown looks like any typical Chinese restaurant in terms of layout and décor. In fact, the outlet is pretty small with only 10 tables catering to 30 – 60 customers


They had many dishes which were red and spicy and since I was on a business trip I decided to order the more basic and bland options.


The home made bean curd was deep fried before simmered in soy sauce, chilli and spring onions. This dish was very savoury and would go extremely well with rice as it is slightly on the salty side. The bean curd cubes were soft and tender while the skin is crispy.


The long beans were stir fried with minced meat, garlic and dry chilli and is extremely fragrant and crunchy. This dish is again well paired with rice as it may be slightly salty on it’s own.


This next dish was surprisingly on the menu but does not resemble Sichuan cuisine at all as there is no chilli or spices in the dish. The egg plant was deep fried momentarily before stir fried with soy bean sauce to make a light gravy. The egg plant was soft but not mushy and the gravy complements the egg plant very well.


This next dish was something we find commonly in Singapore which is sweet and sour pork ribs. The restaurant used boneless tenderloin pork meat which was tender and succulent and evenly coated with sweet and sour sauce. This was a dish I enjoyed thoroughly.


Lastly, we also ordered the fried mantou ( buns) which can be eaten as your main carbohydrates or as a dessert dish as the dish comes with a small dish of sweet condensed milk for you to dip the buns.

Overall, the food served at Hotown is slightly above average although I feel that the ones with the spices would probably be the signature dishes of the restaurant. The fact that the restaurant is totally filled up during lunch town shows how popular Hotown is with the locals.

Note that the restaurant is named as Red Church New Sichuan Restaurant in google so if you wish to use google map, you can search under this name.

Address: No. 292, Fuxing North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10478

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm

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